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A structured process

leads to success

1. Analysis
Analysis of the current financing portfolio including the strategy.
2. Consultancy
Highlighting improvement potential with regard to real estate financing and support with liquidity planning, risk management and the valuation of collateral.
3. Development
Modelling of the overall financing and development of individual and creative financing solutions, including calculation of interest rate risks taking account of various scenarios.
4. Brokerage
  • Preparation of the file and tendering the financing to potential real estate investors
  • Offer analysis, quote comparison and preparation of the financing structure on the basis of offers from financial institutions and real estate investors
  • Presentation and discussion of the offers
  • Negotiation of the financing and interest rate hedging contracts
  • Support with the implementation of the financing products and the strategy
5. Implementation
  • Market monitoring and interest rate management
  • Portfolio management
  • Coordination and adjustment of financing models in the event of changes in the business plan or a change in the interest rate projection
  • Tendering expiring tranches of financing and conclusion at optimal conditions
6. Other services
  • Preparation of risk reports in ALM for executive boards and boards of directors
  • Training


Our main focus when collaborating with our clients is on achieving jointly defined real estate financing objectives.

The fee for our services is also oriented on the achievement of these objectives. For this reason, it is performance-based, ensuring that our interests are aligned at all times.  

Customer Benefits


  • Market proximity
  • Expertise from many years of experience
  • Aligned interests

Added value

  • Optimisation of collateral
  • Monitoring of the strategies applied and performance

Strong positioning

  • A single point of contact for all financing matters
  • Access to more than 150 financing partners
  • Networking for new investment opportunities

Minimisation of effort

  • Increase in the efficiency of financing processes
  • Long-term and proactive management
  • Review and negotiation of all credit agreements
  • Review of and advice and support on interest rate swap agreements
  • Review of and advice and support on foreign currency transactions


  • Regular contact between the executive board and Corefinanz
  • Optional reporting of the financing, including interest update and recommendations

Online Meeting Vereinbaren

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